The Best Leagues For Lay The Draw

Just a quick update and insights on picking the correct games for LTD2.

As you may know, I’ve now started to publish some of my own selections once again on the site, but wanted to just touch on the best leagues to use if you are picking your own trades.

With the major European leagues not due to start again until September, we are currently trading the Summer leagues.

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Testing LTD3 – The Golden Goose Of Lay The Draw Systems

I am currently testing my LTD3 system once again which promises to be extremely lucrative with a very high strike rate.

So, way back in 2017/2018 I tested the LTD3 system over a three month period. I recently started testing the system once again and to date have recorded the following figures.

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How Do You Define Value In Football Trading?

In a recent interview, cult football trading expert ‘Psychoff‘ was quoted as saying something along the lines of:-

“Value can’t be defined. Value is a feeling.”

This statement really resonates with me, as I believe that many traders put too much emphasis on stats and not enough emphasis on our feelings and intuition.

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SH LTD – The Golden Ticket?

Over the past year or so (yes, that long), I’ve been testing another lay the draw system that you may have previously seen me refer to on the website as ‘LTD3’.

During this time I traded 116 selections and had a win rate of 85.34% (99 wins).

When testing I was trading the selections similar to the LTD2 system in that I would trade out when one team took a two goal lead. However, if the game went beyond 65’, I would let it run and come out when the next goal was scored for a profit or the game ended goalless, which would result in a loss of around 2.5 pts.

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Should I Use Lay The Draw Insurance?

This is a question I am asked from time to time so thought I would write a short post on the subject.

Firstly, what do we mean by insurance?

So, when we lay the draw or do any other trade we have a liability. Our liability is our maximum potential loss.

So if we lay the draw for for £10 at 3.5 our liability would be £25. 10 x 3.5 – 10 = 25.

By using insurance, we are willing to risk a little more liability in order to minimise our overall risk and try to avoid a bigger loss than we may otherwise experience.

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Winning Is Easy, Losing Is Hard

My recent rare spell of one point losses got me thinking and prompted me to write a short post about losing, our attitudes to it and how we can stop it eating into our confidence.

If you are new to trading, it’s easy to panic after a loss or two. Some will chase losses and blow their trading banks. Or if they just can’t stomach losing, give up all together. After all, that’s what real losers do isn’t it?

So how do you deal with losing trades or heaven forbid, losing runs?

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What Are The Best Leagues For Football Trading?

One of the first steps when using any football trading system is to decide on which leagues you will be trading.

Not all leagues are created equal and whether you utilise the overs markets, lay the draw or both teams to score, the one thing you are going to need is plenty of goals.

Personally, I use lay the draw a lot and have a number of different variations such as LTD1 and LTD2, but regardless as to which I am using the fact remains that I will need goals so that I have as many opportunities as possible to trade out for a profit.

But which leagues are the best?

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When Should You Exit A Lay The Draw Football Trade?

This is something many new football traders have trouble with.

The most important point for me is to be consistent.

Some of us are more cautious than others. Some like a greater degree of risk where others prefer less. Either way is fine, but you must be consistent.

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What To Look For In A Lay The Draw Football Trade

For me, Lay The Draw (LTD) is one of the best football trades around and has been popular with football traders for a long time.

But what do you look for in a lay the draw trade?

When you have a Saturday coupon with 100 games on it, where do you start?

Selection after all is key and if you don’t get this right on a consistent basis, you will inevitably start to lose money, which we obviously don’t want.

Since I have been football trading, my Full Match LTD strike rate has been somewhere in the region of 75%, which is well enough to give you an excellent long term profit.

Selection is everything and below are the key things I personally look for when making my daily lay the draw selections.

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