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Are you a football trader looking for tips for the latest games?

Or maybe you’re just starting out and want to take your trading to the next level and start making a consistent profit?

Either way, you should find lots of useful information to help point you in the right direction and make you a better football trader.

Via this website I provide three main areas of content which are:

FOOTBALL TRADING TIPS (Free)– Most days I publish my lay the draw (LTD2) and 5K Challenge (O2.5/BTTS) selections to this page as well as my Telegram Channel. Please take a moment to join the Telegram channel so you receive my football trading tips the moment they are available. I also have a Live Trades Telegram Channel, which you can join and follow along with my trades.

E-BOOKS (Small Charge) – I’ve now published two E-Books, one for the LTD2 system and one for the 5K Challenge. Both provide you with everything you need to trade my selections below more effectively and extract a consistent profit from the Betfair markets.

I also cover things such as mindset, value, xG (Expected Goals), entry and exit points, bank management, staking and other important aspects to trading these systems. Most importantly, I show how to go about easily finding your own selections using a simple process.

If you would like to download the 5K Challenge guide (based on the popular Over 2.5 goals and BTTS markets) or the popular LTD2 (Lay the Draw) E-Book then register for my free newsletter and I will send you a discount code for 10% off both.

BLOG POSTS (Free)– I regularly post a number of blog posts to the site where I share information, tips and guidance on the low-risk football trading strategies that I use, along with my own personal results. I believe in transparency and always share how I get on rather than just offering you my tips.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. 😉

5K Challenge & Lay The Draw Tips

Mon - 6 Dec17:30Empoli v Udinese5K Challenge
19:45Cagliari v Torino5K Challenge
5K Challenge Running P/L: +42.24 ptsLTD2 Running P/L: +13.07 pts

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5K Challenge Results

MonthProfit/LossWin RateAvg StakeTotal Stakes YieldRunning P/L
15-£6.28 (0.628 pts)8/19 - 42.10%£8.81£167.39-4.07%+37.53 pts (£375.36)
14+£32.46 (3.24 pts)11/17 - 64.70%£9.29£158.00+20.54%+38.21 pts (£382.18)
13-£17.44 (1.74 pts)7/16 - 43.75%£9.50£152.00-11.47%+34.97 pts (£349.72)
12+£51.92 (5.19 pts)11/15 - 73.33%£9.86£148.00+35.08%+36.71 pts (£367.16)
11+£17.11 (1.71 pts)9/15 - 60.00%£10.26£154.00+11.11%+31.52 pts (£315.24)
10-£8.38 (0.83 pts)5/11 - 45.45%£12.09£133.00-6.30%+29.81 pts
9+£80.64 (8.06 pts)24/34 - 70.58%£8.64£294.00+27.42%+30.65 pts
8+£35.97 (3.59 pts)21/29 - 72.42%£6.68£199.00+18.07%+22.58 pts
7+£5.12 (0.51 pts)18/28 - 64.28%£8.82£247.00+0.20%+18.99 pts
6+£10.05 (1.05 pts)40/63 - 63.49%£7.46£470.16+2.13%+18.48 pts
5+£25.34 (2.53 pts)43/67 - 64.17%£6.06£406.04+6.24%+17.47 pts
4+£76.47 (7.64 pts)30/41 - 73.17%£7.90£324.21+23.58%+14.93 pts
3+£58.37 (5.83 pts)37/56 - 66.07%£8.12£455.00+12.82%+7.29 pts
2-£61.70 (6.17 pts)10/21 - 47.61%£8.69£182.50-33.80%+1.45 pts
1+£76.37 (7.63 pts)40/52 - 76.92%£7.63£396.82+19.23%+7.63 pts

LTD2 – Lay the Draw Results

YearP/LPoints Strike Rate# of TradesStakedYield2021 Running P/L
October 2021+£8.24+0.82 13/20 - 65%20£221.92+3.71%+13.77 pts (£137.79)
Aug - Sept 2021+£20.50+2.0514/20 - 70%20£209+9.80%+12.95 pts (£129.55)
July 2021+£6.12+0.61 5/7 - 71.42%7£65+9.41%+10.90 pts (£109.05)
June 2021+£16.13+1.605/7 - 71.42%7£60+26.88%
May 2021+£12.09+1.206/7 - 85.71%7£56+21.58%
April 2021+£34.12+3.4115/19 - 78.94%19£158+21.59%
March 2021+£38.00+3.8015/19 - 78.94%19£156+24.35%
May 2017 - April 2018+£898.51+65.89572.11%662£9,512+9.44%

Download the 71 Page Lay the Draw E-Book

If you would like to download the 71 page LTD2 E-book , please click on the image below or click here. You will then be directed to my Payhip store where you can pay the one-off fee. Once you have made your purchase, you will be directed to a page where you can download the E-book.

The new guide contains lots of information on my version of lay the draw and offers advice and tips. The E-book contains the following sections:-

  • Welcome
  • Why not set-and-forget betting?
  • What is lay the draw?
  • Why LTD2?
  • Staking
  • The power of compounding
  • How to trade the LTD2 system
  • LTD2 Full Stake – Entry
  • LTD2 Full Stake – Exit
  • LTD2 80/20 (Includes Insurance) – Entry
  • LTD2 80/20 (Includes Insurance) – Exit
  • LTD2 Hybrid (Includes Insurance) – Entry
  • LTD2 Hybrid (Includes Insurance) – Exit
  • Exiting Early
  • How to find your own selections
  • Selection Method #1
  • What is Expected Goals?
  • Selection Method #2
  • Selection Method #3
  • Which leagues are best for LTD2?
  • Early Season Games
  • High or low draw price?
  • Trading Examples
  • Profit Expectations
  • Dealing with Losing Runs
  • Inform Yourself
  • Monitoring Your Trades
  • Common Questions

All those who purchase the LTD2 guide will receive all future revisions completely free of charge.

If you register for my free newsletter I will send you a discount code for 10% off.

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