The Ultimate Guide To Back And Lay Betting

Back betting, lay betting, back to lay, lay to back – these terms may seem daunting to newcomers in the realm of sports betting and football trading. If you find yourself perplexed by their meanings, fear not.

In this article, I aim to demystify the concepts of lay betting and back betting, providing you with a comprehensive guide to understand and utilise these fundamental techniques.

By mastering the principles of back and lay betting, you’ll be primed to embark on your sports trading journey with confidence, potentially unlocking profitable opportunities in football and other sports markets.

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How To Make Money Trading Late Goals In Football Matches

I recently introduced a new strategy to the football trading membership program which targets goals in the last 15 minutes of matches.

The strategy which I refer to as L15 has performed very well so far and looks like it will be a profitable addition to our portfolio of strategies over time.

The question is, why target late goals when football trading, and how can you make consistent profits doing so?

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How To Profit From ‘Scenarios’ When Football Trading

Football trading is tough. Many people rely on pre-match stats too much and are then disappointed only to see the majority of matches not play out as they expected.

One way to trade football matches in-play is to focus on what I call ‘trading scenarios’.

So what are trading scenarios? Let’s have a look.

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Are These The Best Goal Signals For In-Play Football Trading?

I’ve been football trading for a long time and one thing I know for sure is that it can be difficult to know exactly when a goal is going to be scored.

If you are trading the overs markets, you ideally want to know when the goal is coming so you can enter your trades at the optimum time and get the best price on offer.

Likewise, if you are trading the unders and a game is getting ‘hot’, you’ll want to jump ship and get out of your trade before a goal goes in.

Below I offer a few ideas and suggestions on different ways you can work out whether the net is about to bulge or not.

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Compression Points And How They Can Be Exploited For Long-Term Profits

We’re all looking for opportunities to make money in sports trading.

One way for you to reduce your risk AND profit long-term is to take advantage of compression points. But what is a compression point?

This guide aims to provide you with what you need to know about compression points and how they can be exploited for long-term gains.

What is a compression point?

A compression point is when the odds on any particular market are ‘compressed’ or at (or close to) their lowest point. You may also call these ‘low-risk lays’.

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The 80/20 Rule And How It Can Be Applied To Football Trading

The 80/20 rule, commonly referred to as the Pareto Principle, asserts that approximately 80% of the effects are derived from 20% of the causes. This principle can be observed in various contexts, such as running an online e-commerce store where 80% of profits may originate from just 20% of the products.

Similarly, in terms of productivity, it is often observed that 80% of output is generated by 20% of input or labour. The applications of this principle can be extended to diverse domains, including football trading and betting.

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The Coin Flip Analogy: The Mental Side Of Betting And Trading

In the world of gambling and financial trading, making consistent profits is the ultimate goal. To achieve this, professionals often employ various strategies and tactics, but one often overlooked aspect is the mental side of betting and trading.

Understanding the psychology behind decision-making and embracing a long-term perspective can significantly improve one’s chances of success. A simple coin flip serves as an insightful analogy, reminding us to view bets and trades as part of a larger sequence rather than isolated events.

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Are You Avoiding Pain?

One of the primary reasons that the vast majority of traders fail is that they are constantly looking to avoid pain.

But what do I mean by ‘avoiding pain’?

You may remember that I have spoken a lot in my previous articles about cutting losses early and letting winning trades run and this is where the ‘pain’ element comes in.

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What Are The Best Leagues For Summer Football Trading?

With the Winter football leagues drawing to a close in May, I thought it would be good to give you the lowdown on what I believe to be some of the best leagues for Betfair football trading over the summer months.

During the winter months, I primarily focus on a number of leagues which are the English Premier League, Italian Serie A and the German Bundesliga. Another favourite of mine is the German Bundesliga 2.

The reason for this is that these are the leagues that year after year, consistently produce the most goals per game.

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Why 95% Of Football Traders Lose And How You Can Avoid Joining Them

It’s a well-known fact that around 95% of football traders lose long term.

I’m sure you will agree that this number is extremely high.

But have you ever thought about why this is?

I mean, it can’t be that 95% of traders are incapable of finding winning trades.

I don’t think so. We all have the knowledge and the tools at our disposal to find our fair share of winners.

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