Testing LTD3 – The Golden Goose Of Lay The Draw Systems

I am currently testing my LTD3 system once again which promises to be extremely lucrative with a very high strike rate.

So, way back in 2017/2018 I tested the LTD3 system over a three month period. I recently started testing the system once again and to date have recorded the following figures.

Method #1 (Full match): 135/154 – 87.66% Strike Rate

Method #2 (Second half): 52/57 – 91.22% Strike Rate

During testing and using varying stakes of between £5 and £10, I have made a profit to date (29/10/2020) of £245.93.

As you can see, the second half system has fewer selections but a slightly better strike rate.

Once I am happy that the system is still providing such a high strike rate and return, I will be creating a guide that you can download so you too can prosper from what I believe will be one of the best LTD systems around.

The beauty of the LTD3 system is that finding selections takes minutes. There is no requirement to go deep into statistical analysis or any of that. Entry and exit points are also straightforward with three different ways of trading the system depending on your attitude towards risk.

I’m really excited about its potential and have recorded every single trade that I have tested to give me an accurate picture so that I can determine its viability over the long-term. It looks very good though!

So stay tuned and keep coming back periodically to see how I am doing.

Although at this time I am not sharing the process and the tips, I will be posting my results each day which you will be able to view on the home page.