Testing LTD3 – The Golden Goose Of Lay The Draw Systems

I am currently testing my LTD3 system once again which promises to be extremely lucrative with a very high strike rate.

So, way back in 2017/2018 I tested the LTD3 system over a three month period. I recently started testing the system once again and to date have recorded the following figures.

Method #1 (Full match): 135/154 – 87.66% Strike Rate

Method #2 (Second half): 52/57 – 91.22% Strike Rate

During testing and using varying stakes of between £5 and £10, I have made a profit to date (29/10/2020) of £245.93.

As you can see, the second half system has fewer selections but a slightly better strike rate.

Once I am happy that the system is still providing such a high strike rate and return, I will be creating a guide that you can download so you too can prosper from what I believe will be one of the best LTD systems around.

The beauty of the LTD3 system is that finding selections takes minutes. There is no requirement to go deep into statistical analysis or any of that. Entry and exit points are also straightforward with three different ways of trading the system depending on your attitude towards risk.

I’m really excited about its potential and have recorded every single trade that I have tested to give me an accurate picture so that I can determine its viability over the long-term. It looks very good though!

So stay tuned and keep coming back periodically to see how I am doing.

Although at this time I am not sharing the process and the tips, I will be posting my results each day which you will be able to view on the home page.

Improving My Football Trading Education

So over the last few months, I decided to get back into my football trading again to see if I can turn over a profit and earn some extra income to feed the kids.

Unfortunately, COVID hit us all in March and since then any matches that have been played, have taken place behind closed doors with no crowds. This obviously isn’t an ideal situation, although we are living in unprecedented times and we need to think about everyone’s safety.

I imagine that it must be difficult for players to get motivated. Hopefully, next season will be better and we can get back to hearing the roar of the crowd once again and put all this behind us.

Anyway….I recently invested a bit of my wonga in order to enhance my own knowledge as we should always be learning after all, especially if we want to make a regular profit.

I know as well as anyone that making a consistent second income from football trading is not easy. Those who come from Matched Betting soon find out that there are no guarantees in this game and if you don’t know what you’re doing you can lose your bank in no time at all.

However, I think with the help of others in the trading community, we can all enhance our own skills and build a portfolio of successful strategies and systems to make a long term profit.

Of course, it’s not only about having a system or two under your belt. Mindset and discipline are the most important aspects of trading. Without the correct mindset, discipline and approach, it’s a slippery slope.

To trade full-time would be great, but to start with my aim is to become a successful part-time trader. So one step at a time, protecting the bank and gaining enough knowledge and experience to keep moving forward and growing my trading bank.

So I thought I would share with you what I have been spending my money on in order to improve my own knowledge and hopefully learn from those who have walked the same path as myself and no doubt you the reader.

I purchased Wayne Morgan’s book ‘Betfair Football TradingHelping You To Find Your Trading Edge‘ and PDF guide, both of which contain a wealth of information.

Wayne Morgan - Betfair Football Trading

There are lots of useful insights on trading from Wayne who has a vast amount of trading experience to share. I would highly recommend the paperback and his separate e-book, ‘The Lazy Man’s Way To O2.5 & BTTS Selections‘. Both will appeal to those starting out and those who have some trading experience. For the price, they’re a real bargain and a gold mine of information.

There’s a large number of systems in the book that you can use that cover most of the Betfair markets although you definitely don’t need to know them all to be successful. Just a handful should suffice.

You’ll also learn more about bank management and how to adopt the correct mindset when trading. This aspect of trading is the most important for me and something that many newbies tend to push aside. How to find your own selections is also included in both books.

You can follow Wayne on Twitter here. The book appears to be sold out on Amazon, but I know the PDF guide will be available. If you want to purchase any of his products, just ping Wayne a message on Twitter and he will help you out.

Something else I did recently was to sign up again to the excellent football trading website – Goal Profits

Goal Profits

Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick are extremely experienced traders and have developed an unbeatable set of tools that you can use as a part of your GP subscription.

One of my favourites is the LSM (Live Stats Module) which helps you to monitor games in-play so you can make more informed trading decisions. Knowing when to enter or exit a trade is extremely valuable. An absolute powerhouse of a tool for sure!

The Team Stats tool is also great along with the Live Table Analysis (LTA) tool which can help you to spot opportunities when teams perform better in the first and second half of games.

There are also some brilliant guides for beginner, intermediate and advanced traders and for those who are new to trading, some first half and second half tools which automatically provide you with daily selections to get you started.

At £40 per month, Goal Profits is a real bargain considering the work that’s gone into it. GP has won numerous awards and accolades over the years and the support from Steve and Kevin is first-class.

However, for those who are getting up and running and only using small stakes, I can see how the subs could easily eat into any profits you may or may not make when starting out.

Even still, it’s a great community and even if you only use it for a few months it will definitely get you up and running quickly on your football trading journey.

They are currently doing a 7-day free trial for just £1 which is a bonus. You can take a look here https://www.goalprofits.com/trial

So there you go. I thought I would update you on what I am up to. Feel free to pop back from time to time or hit me up on Twitter here – @myfootietrading

I plan on becoming a bit more active on Twitter over the next couple of months and will be sharing information on my own trading journey and how I am getting along.

For now – Good Luck!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the products or services that I have mentioned on this page and will not receive any affiliate commissions or payments as a result.


New FREE Service Coming Soon

Since September 2018, I have been running a paid lay the draw subscription service.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I will be reverting back to the free service in March 2019.

This will mean a few changes which will be:-

Free tips posted to the website

With the paid subscription service, I was sending out selections each day via email. However, in March I will just be posting these to the website each day as before.

New detailed LTD2 guide to download

Instead of charging a monthly subscription fee, I will be charging a one-off fee of £14.99 for the lay the draw PDF guide. The guide will contain lots of info on how to trade LTD2 and will also show you how to go about selecting your own trades. There will also be examples of trades that I have recently done myself to show you how everything works.

The download fee will also mean you will receive future revisions of the guide free of charge.

No more live Twitter trades

With the paid service I was also doing a certain amount of live Twitter trading. This is also very time consuming and is also difficult to do if I am trading via my mobile phone. Therefore, with the free service, this will no longer be available. It isn’t really necessary anyway as the systems will be easy to follow.

That’s it!

Stay tuned and keep checking the home page in early March for the first tips.

How Do You Define Value In Football Trading?

In a recent interview, cult football trading expert ‘Psychoff‘ was quoted as saying something along the lines of:-

“Value can’t be defined. Value is a feeling.”

This statement really resonates with me, as I believe that many traders put too much emphasis on stats and not enough emphasis on our feelings and intuition.

I myself have subscribed to systems in the past where software is used to show ‘value trades’ or ‘value tips’, but what is value and how do you determine if you have it or not?

For me, value is determined by how we perceive the flow of a football match, the likelihood of a goal being scored and the odds on offer at the time. It’s not so much about whether you are laying under 2.5 goals or backing over 3.5 goals, but rather the timing of your entry into the trade.

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SH LTD – The Golden Ticket?

Over the past year or so (yes, that long), I’ve been testing another lay the draw system that you may have previously seen me refer to on the website as ‘LTD3’.

During this time I traded 116 selections and had a win rate of 85.34% (99 wins).

When testing I was trading the selections similar to the LTD2 system in that I would trade out when one team took a two goal lead. However, if the game went beyond 65’, I would let it run and come out when the next goal was scored for a profit or the game ended goalless, which would result in a loss of around 2.5 pts.

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Should I Use Lay The Draw Insurance?

This is a question I am asked from time to time so thought I would write a short post on the subject.

Firstly, what do we mean by insurance?

So, when we lay the draw or do any other trade we have a liability. Our liability is our maximum potential loss.

So if we lay the draw for for £10 at 3.5 our liability would be £25. 10 x 3.5 – 10 = 25.

By using insurance, we are willing to risk a little more liability in order to minimise our overall risk and try to avoid a bigger loss than we may otherwise experience.

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Winning Is Easy, Losing Is Hard

My recent rare spell of one point losses got me thinking and prompted me to write a short post about losing, our attitudes to it and how we can stop it eating into our confidence.

If you are new to trading, it’s easy to panic after a loss or two. Some will chase losses and blow their trading banks. Or if they just can’t stomach losing, give up all together. After all, that’s what real losers do isn’t it?

So how do you deal with losing trades or heaven forbid, losing runs?

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Working On A New Lay The Draw Strategy

I’m currently working on a new Lay the Draw strategy that promises to be a real bank booster!

It’s all theoretical at the moment, but I will be testing the new system on and off over the next month or two and will report back with my results via the website once done.

My trading results have been good over the past 6 months and the bank has grown nicely; however, I still feel that that there is room for improvement and that I can make my current systems and selection processes more refined and potentially more profitable.

That’s the plan anyway.

So stay tuned and keep coming back to the site or sign-up to my newsletter for further updates.

How To Place A Bet On Betfair Exchange For Less Than £2

At this moment in time, the minimum bet stake you can place on the Betfair Exchange is £2.

Sometimes though, you may want to place a trade for less than £2. For example, if you are testing a system or maybe you are new to football trading and want to test the water.

Whatever the reason, below I will show you how you can trade on Betfair for less than the £2 minimum stake.

The method is similar whether you are backing or laying. You can click on any of the images below to see a larger version.

The first step is to obviously open the market in which you wish to trade. In my case it is the Correct Score market in the Roma v Napoli game.

Correct score market Betfair Continue reading “How To Place A Bet On Betfair Exchange For Less Than £2”

Trading Results – 11th September 2017

+ £6.71 / 0.335 pts

Here are my results for this evenings games.

19:30 – LTD2 FULL – Nurnberg v St Pauli (0-1) – Lost

0-0 at HT. 0-1 on 63′ and traded out for tiny loss. Finished 0-1.

I have started to trial backing 0-0 for around 10% of stake in order to protect against 0-0 full point losses.

Worked well in this match as it enabled me to stay in the game much longer. Will trial further and report my findings.

20:00 – LTD2 FULL – West Ham v Huddersfield (2-0) – Won

0-0 at HT. 1-0 on 72′ and traded out for good profit. Finished 2-0.

Once again, I backed 0-0 for 10% of my stake at the start of the match, which allowed me to stay in the game much longer than the usual 65 mins or so. Job done!

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