5K Challenge

I recently set myself a new challenge, which is to turn a £500 bank into £5,000.

No easy feat, but I’m optimistic that it can be achieved given sufficient time.

I started my own personal challenge on the 12th of August 2020 and have already got off to a flying start with my bank now standing at £674.73 or +17.47 pts.

I’m currently using maximum stakes of around £13 which is 2% of my trading bank and will use compounding so that as my bank grows, so will my stakes.

I will be publishing my results each month via the blog including my profit and loss figures.

My aim is to use mostly Over 2.5 and BTTS markets.

I will share my own selections on the home page. If you want to follow me you can. All of my trades to date have been published on the home page and have been recorded in a spreadsheet. I also publish via my Telegram channel.

For full instructions on how to trade the 5K Challenge selections, I would advise you to download the 38-page E-Book which I have now published.

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The E-Book contains crucial information on trading the O2.5 and BTTS markets and includes important tips on mindset, staking, bank management, xG (Expected Goals), value, entering and exiting trades and even a section on how to find your own selections.

Below you can see the index of the E-Book.


Chapter 1

– An Excellent Investment
– Are You Gambling, Betting or Trading?
– Consistently Making the Right Decisions is Key
– Football Trading Should Be Seen As a Business
– Bankroll and Money Management

Chapter 2

– Trading The O2.5 and BTTS Markets
– Combining the Different Markets
– Taking Advantage of Time Decay
– Entering Your Trade – Drip, Drip, Drip, Drip!
– Preferred Entry Method – Sustained Pressure
– Exiting Your Trade and Common Scenarios

Chapter 3

– Our Criteria For a Selection
– 5 Pillars of Selection
– xG – Expected Goals
– Head to Head (H2H) Trends
– Finding Value Is Crucial To Long-Term Profits
– How to Find Your Own Selections
– STEP 1 – Soccerstats
– STEP 2 – Football xG Spreadsheet
– In-Play Analysis
– What Are We Trying to Achieve?
– Don’t be a Stranger

Not sure how long it will take to reach my goal, but I think around two to three years basing it on 5-10 pts profit per month.

If I can hit 5 pts a month I will be very happy.

£500 to £5k in a few years….not sure you will get such a good return anywhere else.

Fingers crossed. Let’s see how we get on!

You can follow my progress by viewing the following post category – 5k Challenge 

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2 thoughts on “5K Challenge”

  1. Great challenge to follow. I’ve restarted after a 2-3yrs break and am aiming to turn £50 into £1k!

    What are your exit plans for the BTS & O 2.5 strategy? Lets say 1-0 at HT, or 1st goal at 60mins?

    1. Hi Neil,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Good luck with your own personal challenge.

      Exiting is always going to be one of the hardest decisions with any trade.

      If it is later in the game and I can make scratch or thereabouts I will probably exit. However, it does depend on whether I have done BTS and which team is 1-0/0-1. If it is the underdog and I am confident of the favourite/home side scoring I will most likely let it run.

      If i’ve only backed O2.5 or the BTS wasn’t matched before a goal went in, I may take scratch or close to it if the first goal goes in in the second half.

      One of the requirements I have, when I make my selections, is that there is a high probability of a first-half goal. Often is the case that I get at least one in the first half which means I am in a better position to make a decision on whether to stay in or not.

      It’s a juggling act, but if I am in two minds I will look at the action so far and whether the likelyhood of another goal or two is good given the time left in the match. I try to protect the bank as best I can but if the probabilities are in my favour I will go for it.

      I think as long as you are consistent, good decision making will pay off over time.

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