How To Place A Bet On Betfair Exchange For Less Than £2

At this moment in time, the minimum bet stake you can place on the Betfair Exchange is £2.

Sometimes though, you may want to place a trade for less than £2. For example, if you are testing a system or maybe you are new to football trading and want to test the water.

Whatever the reason, below I will show you how you can trade on Betfair for less than the £2 minimum stake.

The method is similar whether you are backing or laying. You can click on any of the images below to see a larger version.

The first step is to obviously open the market in which you wish to trade. In my case it is the Correct Score market in the Roma v Napoli game.

Correct score market Betfair

Now, click on the back score you want to back. So in my case I clicked on 0-3 at odds of 15. This can be seen below.

Now you need to change the back odds from 15 to say 1000 and the stake to 2.

So far so good. Now hit ‘Place bets’ yellow button, then ‘confirm bets’, then ‘view open bets’. Don’t worry, as long as you have set the odds to 1000 it will not be matched.

Now you need to change the stake box on the right and leave the odds box at 1000. So for example if you wanted to just trade for 50p you would enter 2.50 in the box.

Once done, hit ‘update’. You should now see something like this.

So as you can see the stake has been split. 1 x £2 and 1 x £0.50p. Exactly what we wanted.

All you do now is click the cross next to the £2.00 trade, which will grey it out. Now change the odds on the remaining bet to the original 15 and hit ‘update’. The bet should now be matched for the new 50p stake.

Couple of things to note. Firstly, make sure that the odds haven’t changed. If they have you will need to use those or you may try and squeeze a bit more out and request slightly higher back odds.

If you want to trade for say £1.50, you would not enter £2.50 but £3.50 instead as the first £2.00 is taken off and used to split the two. That would leave you with 1 x £2.00 and 1 x £1.50. You would then simply as before click on the cross next to the £2.00 trade and then click on ‘update’. Easy!

If you wanted to lay for less than £2 instead of backing the process is pretty much identical. The only difference is that with the odds you wouldn’t put 1000, you would enter 1.1 or something really small. You then adjust the stake as you did above.

So there you have it! A simple way to trade on Betfair for less than £2.00.

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