Would You Take This Bet?

For anyone interested in football trading or Matched Betting I would fully recommend you watch this video below from Veritasium.

I first saw the video about a year ago just after starting my Matched Betting journey and found that it summed up matched betting perfectly, but also applies to football trading and how we should think about each trade that we place.

It is also just as importantly a metaphor for life and how (for me) life is about taking a chance or risk. If we don’t take calculated risks, we won’t be able to achieve the things we most desire from life.

The video shows that we should not look at any one event in isolation, but rather look at them as a series of events that as a whole, determine our long-term outcomes and results.

If you are a football trader or Matched Bettor you will no doubt be able to relate to the video below.

Personally, I think all youngsters should be shown this video. How many of us go through life never taking a chance/calculated risk and instead focus on our potential losses, rather than our potential gains?

As I always say, “Take consistent action”. It is the key to ALL success in any form!! Happy viewing….