Trading Review – Weekend 28/29th May (Profit +3.496 pts)

Well, it was another really good weekend with six winners out of six.

In total, I added a further 3.496 points to my trading bank bringing the 5K Challenge profits to date to 59.01 pts (£590.14) and the LTD2 to 19.33 pts (£193.30).

Below I give you a review detailing how I traded each of the matches and my profits.

You will see that I continue to find lots of goals. A total of 28 for this weekend alone!

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5K Challenge Review – Sarpsborg 1 – 2 Molde (Profit +1.495 pts)

This is the first of many reports that I will be publishing where I will give you a detailed overview of the selections I have traded.

I won’t have time to do it for all of my selections but will pick the odd one or two each week.

Hopefully, it will give you a better insight into how I trade my selections and help develop your own trading skills.

As you will see, I am by no means perfect. I make mistakes. Sometimes I enter my trades a little too early, exit too late (or in some cases too early) and generally screw up from time to time. I am human after all!

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