How To Lay The Draw On Betfair

Laying the draw on Betfair is extremely easy to do and takes a matter of seconds to set up. Once done, all you need to do is trade out at a predefined time or let it run to the completion of the match.

Step 1 – Find the match you want to trade

So the first thing we want to do is to find the match we want to trade. One way to do this is to navigate to the Betfair Exchange and then enter the name of the team in the search box at the top. Then hit the magnifying glass to search. (Click any of the images on the page to enlarge.)

You can also navigate to the match by using the menu down the left-hand side. If you have searched, you should now see a list of results. Click on the match you want.

So we are looking for the Chelsea v Liverpool match.

Step 2 – Check the current prices

You will now see the main exchange page for this particular match like below.

You can click the above and any of the images on this page to see a bigger version.

So some things to notice here. Down the left and in the bottom half of the page you can see all the different markets. So we have things like the number of goals scored over 1.5, over 2.5, half time score, half time etc. Top right we have how much has been currently matched and then just below this we have the blue and pink boxes which are the back and lay odds for the home win, away win and the draw.

It is the draw one at the bottom that we are interested in, which in this case reads 3.7

Step 3 – Lay the draw

Now you just need to select the draw price as shown below.

Once you click once on the pink draw price to lay, you will see the following in the right-hand pane.

Always make sure you have clicked on the pink price to ‘lay‘ and NOT the blue one to ‘back‘. Now enter your stake, so if your stake was £10, you would enter ’10’ in the box. As you will see below, the system then shows your maximum liability, which in my test trade below is £27.00.

You don’t of course have to go for the current draw price. You may prefer to lay at say 3.50 and reduce your liability. If this was the case you would just click the down arrow on the 3.70 until it reads 3.50 and then enter your stake of £10. This would mean your liability would then be £25.00. Depending on the movement of the market prior to kick-off and whether the price falls or drifts out, it may or not be taken.

All you need to do now is click the yellow ‘place bets’ button and confirm. All done.

If you have tried to get a lower price and it has not been taken at kick-off, the bet will be cancelled. You do have the option when placing the trade of letting it run in-play. When clicking the confirm button and ‘View Open Bets‘, you will see the option ‘At In-Play‘ either ‘keep‘ or ‘cancel‘. Simply hit the button next to ‘keep‘ and submit.

Once the game starts, if there are no early goals the price will fall and your trade will eventually be taken. If there is a goal it may not be taken at all depending on which team scores and how the game progresses.

Now you know how easy it is to lay the draw. If you would like to receive my lay the draw tips for my system LTD2, please subscribe to my free newsletter or Telegram channel