SH LTD – Second Half Lay The Draw

SH LTD or Second Half Lay the Draw, is a popular strategy and for good reason.

One major advantage of using this strategy is that you have the previous 45 minutes to assess whether there has been sufficient action in the game to justify a trade.

Another advantage of SH LTD is that as most traders will know, the majority of goals are scored in the second half.

How does it Work?

Trading SH LTD is very easy. Simply check the SH LTD selection at half time and if it is a draw at half time you will lay the draw in the second half.

Entering the Trade

One important thing to note is that personally I would not advise laying the draw until the draw price gets to around 2.0 or below. That way you will never lose more than 1 point in any trade. As a rough rule of thumb, you will generally see the odds reach the 2.0 mark at around the 60′ minute mark, which gives you around 30 mins to find a goal.

There is one exception to this though. Some teams consistently come out after half time and score goals, i.e before 60′. In some cases it can be worth laying the draw just after half time to take advantage of this. You will need to study the teams stats to work out if this is the case.

Most of the selections that I add to this site have very few 0-0 draws so there is a high probability of a second half goal.

It doesn’t matter if the score is 0-0 or 1-1 at half time, just lay the draw when the lay the draw price gets to around 2.0. Of course, you could leave it later to say 1.5 and reduce your liability, but this of course gives you less time to find that goal. Bare in mind though that many goals are scored in the last 15 mins of matches as teams push for that late goal and the teams start to tire.

Exiting the Trade

Exiting the trade is simple. Wait for the first goal after opening the trade and then trade out for an instant profit. Job done!

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