Trading Results – 6th September 2017


18:00 – LTD1 FULL – Bodo Glimt v Sandnes ULF (0-0) – Lost

Well, not sure what happened there!

Both teams are generally goal machines with Bodo Glimt averaging 3.5 goals per game and Sandnes 1.90. Both teams usually concede too, but not today unfortunately. Prior to this game neither team had recorded a 0-0 in a very long time.

Just one of those occasions when everything looks spot on, but goals just don’t come for whatever reason. So frustrating! Oh well, that’s trading. These things are sent to test our resolve. 😉 We move on to the next game!

Daily Total: -£20.00

Monthly P/L: +£27.23

Current Stakes: £20.00 (2% of bank)

Starting Bank: £500 (1st of May 2017)

Current Bank: £1,000.31

All Trades Strike Rate: 8/11 – 72.72%

LTD2 Strike Rate: 5/6 – 83.33%

LTD1 Strike Rate: 3/5 – 60.00%