Trading Results – 20th December 2017

+ 0.248 pts

19:30 – Mechelen v Club Brugge (0-3) Profit 0.747 pts

0-1 on 22′, 0-2 on 34′ and traded out for good profit.

Mechelen actually received a red card on 45′ so if I had stayed in my profit would have been a lot better, but hey, I’m not greedy. The main thing is to be consistent with your exit strategy. Some will stay in with the favourite two goals up, most of the time I prefer to play it safe and green up. Good selection though either way! Finished 0-3.

20:30 – Real Sociedad v Sevilla (3-1) – Loss 0.499 pts

1-0 on 17′, 1-1 on 44′ and HT. Traded out when stop loss reached around 70′.

I felt a goal was coming and often is the case I trade out only to see a goal go in soon after. So decided to back over 3.5 for around 0.5 pts and was rewarded with a goal within 5 mins. Cashed out for an easy profit which reduced my overall loss to just under half a point. Insurance to the rescue. Actually would have been a 2 pt profit if I had stayed in for the full 90 mins as Sociedad scored again on 90′. Finished 3-1.

Daily Total: +0.248 pts

Monthly P/L: -1.616 pts

Current Stakes: £12.00/£24.00 (1%-2% of bank)

Starting Bank: £500 (1st of May 2017)

Current Bank: £1,231.75

All Trades Strike Rate: 21/32– 65.62%

LTD2 Strike Rate: 21/32– 65.62%

0-0 at HT: 8/32– 25.00%

2 thoughts on “Trading Results – 20th December 2017”

  1. Congratulations, nice green in Brugge’s match! I followed you, so thank you 🙂 With the 0-2 I chose to reduce my liability about 50% to be able to stay a bit longer in the match because I was watching and it was only a team on the pitch and I was sure that more goals can arrive for Brugge. With the red car for Mechelen and the 0-3 I decided run the trade until final, so a big green in this match!

    I also traded Granada vs Sporting Gijón, and it was a suffered but winning trade, 1-0 in 60′ and a decent profit to close a great day of trading.

    I was also tempted to trade Real Sociedad’s game, but I had some doubts with this game and if I’m not quite sure, I prefer to stay away.

    Let’s hope more greens come and that finally december be also a profitable month 😉


    1. Hi Eduardo,

      Yep, Brugge was a perfect LTD trade for sure.

      I was also in two minds with Sociedad. I should have listened to my inner voice and avoided it.

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