Monthly Trading Results – September 2016

Overall, September was a good month although I got off to a slow start, lost ground and then made up for it in the last two weeks or so. Here are my trading figures for September 2016.

Starting Bank: £1,070.56 (1st of September 2016)

Ending Bank: £1,115.23

Monthly Profit: £44.67 (4.467pts)

ROI: 4.17%

Win Strike Rate: 65.07% (All strategies)

Win Strike Rate: 78.57% (MFTS1525 Strategies Only)

Stakes: £5.50 (0.5% of bank)

Note that I am currently using half point stakes or 0.5% of bank. Once I am happy with the long term results of my strategies I will increase the stakes to 1pt, but will need another month or more to test.

My MFTS strategies are going very well as you can see and I will be testing these further this month. 78.57% strike rate is bloody awesome if I do say so myself!!

I am also currently testing my BTS Yes (Both teams to score) strategy filters and will update on this over the coming weeks.

Once I am satisfied with the results of my testing, I will post further details of the strategies that I use and will offer a subscription service, which will provide daily selections and football trading advice.