Monthly Trading Results – October 2016

Not a good month unfortunately with an overall loss of £12.96.

Here are my results for October.

Starting Bank: £1,070.56 (1st of September 2016)
Current Bank: £1,102.98
September Profit/Loss: +£44.67 (+4.467pts)
October Profit/Loss: -£12.96 (-1.296pts)
October ROI: -1.16%
Strike Rate: 54.22% (All strategies)
Stakes: £5.50 (0.5% of bank)

Had a bit of a nightmare middle of the month with around 20 losses pretty much on the bounce. Fortunately I recovered from being over £40 down to just £12.96 so not too much damage done to the bank. I am still over £30 up since starting in September.

I have improved my selection process and filters and think November is going to be a really good month. Stay tuned…