Monthly Trading Results – May 2018

- 5.744 pts

Due to my personal work load, I will no longer be posting daily results to the site, but will instead just post my combined results and figures for each month.

My selections will always be posted to the site and sent out to my newsletter subscribers as normal.

May was without doubt my worst month of trading my LTD2/3 systems. I got off to a poor start to the month and due to a limited number of trades for the month in total (just 23) I was not able to recover this position.

In hindsight, I should have left those end of season games alone as they do have a tendency of throwing up unexpected results with teams not having too much to play for and players tired after a long season.

I’m confident that June will be a better month and that we can get back to winning ways now that the Scandinavian and other leagues are in full swing.

Here are my results for May.

Monthly P/L: -5.744 pts – -£54.40

Monthly ROI: -24.95%

Stakes: £9.47 (Average, approx 1% of bank)

Starting Bank: £500 (1st of May 2018)

Current Bank: £445.60

All Trades Strike Rate: 13/23 – 56.52%

LTD2 Strike Rate: 13/23 – 56.52%

LTD3 Strike Rate: No trades

0-0 at HT: 8/23 – 34.78%

0-0 at FT: 1/23 – 4.34%

Over 2.5 Games: 12/23 – 52.17%

Longest Losing Run: 4 Games

Longest Winning Run: 4 Games

Large Losses: 8/23- 34.78%

Large Wins: 1/23 – 4.34%

Small Losses: 2/23 – 8.69%

Small Wins: 11/23 – 47.82%