Monthly Trading Results – December 2018

+ 3.354 pts

During December, we reverted back to the original LTD2 system, which I am pleased to say has performed a lot better giving us a total profit for the month of 3.354 pts or £33.54 using £10 stakes.

In total we traded 56 matches with a total of 39 winners, a strike rate of 69.64%.

We found just one 0-0 draw out of 56 matches, which makes a real difference to the bank balance. This compares to November where we managed to find four.

In terms of return on investment, we had a return of 7.37% with total stakes of £455.00

I am expecting another positive month in January to get the bank moving in the right direction once again after November’s poor month.

My selection method is really starting to fire again after I made a number of major changes to my selection criteria. I am also using a new set of tools that are providing me with a wealth of data to help with my selections.

Below you can see a breakdown and some stats for December.

All Trades: 39/56 – 69.64%
Longest Losing Run: 3
Longest Winning Run: 9
Large Losses: 9/56 – 16.07%
Large Wins: 13/56 – 23.21%
Small Wins: 26/56 – 46.42%
Small Losses: 8/56 – 14.28%
0-0 at HT: 12/56 – 21.42%
Over 2.5 Games: 28/56 – 50.00%
0-0 at FT: 1/56 – 1.78%
Average goals per game: 2.78 (156 goals)

December P/L:+3.354 pts (+£33.54)
Starting Bank (29th September 2018): £500
Current Bank: £480