LTD2 E-Book Update Coming Soon

I have recently been testing a new, more simplified way of selecting my lay the draw selections and boy has it been effective.

Not only am I spending less time finding games, but I’m also finding more winners, in turn increasing my strike rate and profits.

Since the 6th of March, I’ve selected 15 LTD2 trades (all published on the website and Telegram channel) and made over 4 pts profit.

It would have been more but came out just before HT in the Juve game with Lazio 1-0 up for a small loss, only to see Juventus score three goals before 60′. Never mind, it’s all about being consistent. Some you win, some you lose.

Anyway, here are my results of the last 15 LTD2 selections.

Juventus v Lazio (3-1)
Osasuna v Barcelona (0-2)
Roma v Genoa (1-0)
Tottenham v Crystal Palace (4-1)
Napoli v Bologna (3-1)
West Ham v Leeds (2-0)
Leicester v Sheffield Utd (5-0)
Parma v Roma (2-0)
Crotone v Bologna (2-3)
Celta Vigo v Real Madrid (1-3)
Alkmaar v PSV (2-0)
Montpellier v Bordeaux (3-1)
West Ham v Arsenal (3-3)
Roma v Napoli (0-2)
Lyon v PSG (2-4)

11 of the 15 games saw one of the teams go two goals up before the 60′ mark with nice profits bagged.

There were also two others that I selected but wasn’t confident enough to publish and these both won!

Still in the early days of testing, but if things continue in this vein, I’ll see you in the Cayman Islands! 😉


Once I am happy with the changes, I will update the lay the draw E-Book and let everyone who has previously purchased it know via email so they can get their free update.