Monthly Trading Results – December 2017

- 1.790 pts

December wasn’t a great month for me unfortunately. After seven consistent monthly profits, I was bound to hit a loser eventually. Saying that, it was only a small loss of 1.790 points, so no real damage done to the bank.

In total I staked £648 and traded 44 games. This is pretty low for me, but was due to the international and European games that were played, which I do not trade. These tend to take up a week or two at a time with no domestic games being played during this time.

I did use 2% stakes on a few occasions, but mostly my stakes were 1% of bank. The average stake for December was £14.72.

I had a whopping nine 1 point losses including five 0-0 draws for this period, which is far too many to make a profit.

All things considered though, to have such a terrible month and still only lose 1.790 points can’t be too bad can it?

At the start of May 2017 I had a 12 month target of 70+ pts so I am still well on track to hit that goal by May 2018 with my current total of 52 pts.

I am currently testing some other systems and will hopefully have more news on their profitability in the coming months.

Monthly P/L: -1.790 pts – -£26.36

Monthly ROI: -4.06%

Stakes: £12.00-£24.00 (1%-2% of bank)

Starting Bank: £500 (1st of May 2017)

Current Bank: £1,233.01

All Trades Strike Rate: 30/44 – 68.18%

LTD2 Strike Rate: 30/44 – 68.18%

0-0 at HT: 13/44 – 29.54%

0-0 at FT: 5/44 – 11.36%

Over 2.5 Games: 26/44 – 59.09%

Longest Losing Run: 2 Games

Longest Winning Run: 4 Games

Full Point Losses: 9

Monthly Trading Results – November 2017

+ £74.04 / 6.170 pts

Another profitable month for November, although I only managed to trade 39 games in total due to the international break, which lasted around two weeks. Even so, I still managed to produce a profit of £74.04 or 6.170 points which has helped to keep the bank moving in the right direction.

I recently tweaked my selection filters and decided to reduce my stakes to 1% of bank from the usual 2% so I could assess how effective the new filters were performing. I am quite happy with how things have been going so will most likely return to 2% of bank in December at some point.

Monthly P/L: +£74.04 – +6.170 pts

Monthly ROI: +16.38%

Stakes: £11-12.00 (1% of bank)

Starting Bank: £500 (1st of May 2017)

Current Bank: £1,259.41

All Trades Strike Rate: 30/39 – 76.92%

LTD2 Strike Rate: 30/39 – 76.92%

0-0 at HT: 7/39 – 17.94%

Longest Losing Run: 3 Games

Longest Winning Run: 8 Games

Full Point Losses: 4

I have been testing a slightly different version of LTD which I have suitably named LTD3 and this has been producing fantastic results. You can see how it has been performing below. Not bad considering I have been testing with stakes of around £10.00!

MonthProfitPoints ProfitStrike Rate# of TradesStakedROI

So stay tuned and keep returning back to the site and I will keep updating the numbers so you can see how this new system performs over time.

Monthly Trading Results – October 2017

+ £92.11 / 4.186 pts

October was another good and positive trading month with a total profit of £92.11 added to the bank. This represented a return on investment over the previous month of 8.42%.

The bank has now grown by £685.37 over the past 6 months, which I am quite pleased with.

The first two weeks of the month started pretty slowly and I managed to find five 1 pt losses, which set me back a little. I then decided to revert to 1% of bank stakes until the end of the month to ride out the storm.

Midway through the month I spent some time tweaking my selection process and have also been working on a set and forget lay the draw system, which has been going very well with a strike rate of over 85%. Hopefully this will continue. If I find that the testing continues to perform well over the next few weeks, I will most likely adopt it as a new system and add to the site.

I am particular excited about the the set and forget system as the time spent trading at the weekends can get in the way of family life. So to have an optional system that can be setup and just forgotten about is something that will no doubt appeal to many.

I am also experimenting a little with exit strategies and hope to report back on this over the next few weeks or so. I will be using 1% of bank stakes again this month while I am testing.

I did a total of 53 trades, which is quite a bit lower than usual 70 or so, but this was due to the number of international and European games that were taking place.

Monthly P/L: +£92.11 – 4.186 pts

Monthly ROI: +11.30%

Stakes: £11.00/£22.00 (1% or 2% of bank)

Starting Bank: £500 (1st of May 2017)

Current Bank: £1,185.37

All Trades Strike Rate: 38/53 – 71.69%

LTD2 Strike Rate: 36/49 – 73.46%

LTD1 Strike Rate: 2/4 – 50.00%

0-0 at HT: 17/53 – 32.07%

Longest Losing Run: 3 Games

Longest Winning Run: 8 Games

Full Point Losses: 7

Monthly Trading Results – September 2017

+ £119.79 / 5.989 pts

Another good profit added to the bank this month, although it would have been so much better if it wasn’t for those four 1 pt losses at the end of the month!

I made a total profit of £119.79, which equates to 5.989 pts at £20 stakes. Since May this year, my bank has increased steadily and now stands at £1,092.87 from the initial £500.

One thing I did notice this month, which was really interesting was that with nearly all of my trades where I bagged a good profit (teams generally taking a two goal lead) the draw price was between 3.80 and 4.10.

I guess this kind of makes sense as the higher the draw price the more likely there are to be plenty of goals, but just an observation.

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Monthly Trading Results – August 2017

+£43.74 / 2.43 pts

Below you will find my results for August.

The Summer leagues are usually less profitable due to the lack of decent games to trade and August was no exception. I was also away for a weeks holiday during the month, but I still managed to make a small profit just the same to keep my trading bank moving in the right direction.

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Monthly Trading Results – July 2017

+£119.12 / 7.445 pts

July has been a tough month for footie trading, which always seems to be the case this time of the year with these lower quality summer leagues.

I’m really looking forward to the winter leagues getting into full swing. There’s no doubt that it’s much easier to trade leagues with greater goals per game averages such as the German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A and of course our own English Premier League to name a few.

With Lay The Draw, you ideally want plenty of goals, but unfortunately many of the summer leagues just don’t have a good percentage of games that go over 2.5 goals unlike the major European leagues mentioned above.

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Monthly Trading Results – June 2017

+£105.41 / 7.465 pts

Another positive month for June, although not as good as May’s results.

I traded a lot less games in June than I did in May, due to the time of year and the availability of the ‘better’ European leagues. In May I traded 171 games compared to just 73 in June.

Once again my LTD trades have performed well adding another £105.41 to the bank.

Here are my results for June.

Monthly P/L: +£104.51

Monthly ROI: 14.80%

Stakes: £14.00 (2% of bank)

Starting Bank: £500 (1st of May 2017)

Current Bank: £810.72

Here are my strike rates for each trade type.

Trade Type – Wins – Strike Rate

All Trades – 53/73 – 72.60%
Over 1.5 – 1/1 – 100.00%
LTD FULL – 45/62 – 72.58%
BTS Yes – 6/9 – 66.66%
Over 2.5 – 1/1 – 100.00%

Monthly Trading Results – May 2017

+£206.10 / 20.61 pts

This month has seen a fantastic return of 41.22%, which has added a whopping £206.10 on my starting bank of £500!

This has been achieved by using mostly Lay the Draw footie trades.

In total I did 171 trades and had 119 wins. That’s a strike rate of 69.59%.

For LTD trades only I had 87 wins out of 123 trades or a strike rate of 70.73%. Fantastic!

I have started to really refine my selection process and this has made a real difference as can be seen by my results for this month.

For June, my stakes will now increase to £14.00 which is of course 2% of my new bank.

If you are not aware I have given myself a challenge of turning a £500 bank into £5,000 within 12-18 months. Off to a great start. Let’s see if we can have a repeat of this in June.

Here are my monthly results for May.

Monthly P/L: +£206.10

Monthly ROI: 41.22%

Current Stakes: £10.00 (2% of bank)

Starting Bank: £500 (1st of May 2017)

Current Bank: £706.10

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Monthly Trading Results – February 2017


Another positive month, but could have been much better but for a run of losing trades near the end of the month.

***** February Trading Results *****
Starting Bank: £1,070.56 (1st of September 2016)
Current Bank: £1,490.70
February Profit/Loss: +£58.45 (4.175 pts)
February ROI: +4.08%
Strike Rate: 55.26% (All strategies)
Stakes: £7.00/£14.00 (0.5-1.0% of bank)

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Monthly Trading Results – January 2017


Another good month. Here are my stats.

***** January Trading Results *****
Starting Bank: £1,070.56 (1st of September 2016)
Current Bank: £1,432.25
January Profit/Loss: +£147.59 (12.29 pts)
January ROI: +8.704%
Strike Rate: 67.30% (All strategies)
Stakes: £6.00/£12.00 (0.5-1.0% of bank)

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