5k Challenge Results – Month 3 – Profit +5.83 Pts

So we got back on track this month with a profit of +5.83 pts or £58.37 to my current £10 stakes.

In total, I traded 56 games with an average stake of £8.12. Of the 56 trades, 37 were winners giving me a strike rate of 66.07%.

Although I use £10 stakes, they are not always fully matched as I drip my stakes in. If there is an early goal, I may only be partly matched on the full £10.

My total stakes were £455 with a return of £58.37 giving me a Yield for the month of 12.82%.

I made a significant change to my selection process at the start of month 3 and this has so far really paid off. Hopefully, this will continue moving forward.

Here’s the breakdown.

Month: 3

Period: 12th October – 11th November 2020
Monthly Profit/Loss: +5.83 pts (£58.37)
Total Staked: £455.00 (Avg Stake £8.12)
Monthly Yield: +12.82%
Running P/L: +7.29 pts (£72.92)
Starting Bank: £500
Current Bank: £572.92

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Things will be quiet over the next couple of weeks but should be back with my tips around November 21. 😉