5k Challenge Results – Month 2 – Loss -6.17 Pts

Following an excellent start to my 5K Challenge, in the second month, I recorded a 6.17 pt loss.

This brings my total P/L so far for the two months to +1.45 pts. So still in profit.

In total, I traded just 21 games, with only 10 winners and 11 losers.

Critically, out of my 11 losers, 10 were 1 point losses. I just couldn’t seem to find any late goals.

Month: 2

Period: 12th September – 11th October 2020
Monthly Profit/Loss: -6.17 pts (£61.70)
Total Staked: £182.50 (Avg Stake £8.69)
Monthly Yield: -33.80%
Running P/L: +1.45 pts (£14.55)
Starting Bank: £500
Current Bank: £514.55

Not my favourite time of year to trade, so I am pleased that the major winter leagues are now starting to become a bit more established.

Month 3 has got off to a much better start. I’ve changed a key element to my selection process and so far this has produced some excellent results with 6/8 winning trades.

Below are my six winners so far in month three of my 5K Challenge.

Bologna v Sassuolo (3-4)
Strasbourg v Lyon (2-3)
St Etienne v Nice (1-3)
Udinese v Parma (3-2)
Doncaster Rovers v Ipswich Town (4-1)
Vasteras v Akropolis (2-1)

I will also be changing my gung-ho attitude in letting trades run in the hope of finding late goals. It may pay off next month, but for now, I will be changing my approach to exiting my trades.

Moving forward, I will now be adopting a win/loss 50% exit strategy which means that if at any point I am losing 50% of my initial stake I will exit and if at any point I can make a 50%+ profit, I will be out.

All the best.