5k Challenge Results – Month 1 – PROFIT +7.63 Pts

Below you can see my results for my first month attempting my 5k challenge.

Month: 1

Period: 12th August – 11th September 2020

Monthly Profit/Loss: +7.63 pts (£76.34)

Total Staked: £396.82 (Avg Stake £7.63)

Monthly Yield: +19.23%

Running P/L: +7.63 pts (£76.34)

Starting Bank: £500

Current Bank: £576.34

A good start to my 5k Challenge. If I can hit 7.63 pts profit each month my bank will really start to increase with compounding.

Out of 52 bets, I hit 40 winners (couple of scratch trades) and 12 losers.

I will increase my stakes with every £100 profit. So next increase to £12 will be when the bank hits £600.

The ‘Avg Staked’ figure seems an odd number but is based on the fact that not all of my bets will be taken due to early goals being scored. If there is an early goal, any unmatched bets are cancelled.

The major leagues are underway this weekend, but I won’t be touching any of these until teams have played at least four home and four away games.